fullstackdev.pw development roadmap

var roadMap = new Promise((resolve, reject) => { resolve() });
roadMap().then(() => {
    console.log('I promised you :)');
}).catch(() => {
    console.error('Unlikely scenario');

As of November 2017 my site still requires a lot of work. It is not ready for public appearance. But I have to be presented online now. So if I can't complete it now, I have to explain what will be done in near future.

  1. Contact page. Yes, it's still empty. Currently you may email me. The Contact page will add more ways to get in touch.#1
  2. About page. It probably should go first. Anyway I hope to do it fast. My skills, favorite tools and similar content goes there.#3
  3. Photography section. Develop a gallery.
  4. SEO
  5. Going multilingual: UK, PL and RU to be added.#5
  6. Create accounts in a major social networks. Hope these will work too.
  7. Homepage redesign. At least the greating. Not quite happy with the rotating pics. May be overal design refresh#2.
  8. Add comments under articles#4.

Thanks for reading. Enough talking, working on it step by step :)

#1 - Jan 03, 2018 UPD: The first stage has been completed. More details on the subject are in the Contact Page Completed post #2 - Jan 23, 2018 UPD: Just have disabled it. No new ideas how to greet people, but can't hurt you anymore, especially those mobile of you #3 - Jan 27, 2018 UPD: The About page is not empty anymore. #4 - added this stage on Mar 26, 2018. #5 - Apr 28, 2018 UPD: done this step. But deceided to skip RU. Would be too much to translate, and it's not my strongest point.