About me

My name is Pavlo Boiko.

I live in UTC+2 time zone and I like to make websites and take pictures.

Main skills

The skills I use on a daily basis and therefore have most experience and show the best profficiency.


I do high-quality semantic markup.


I produce modern and (thanks to postcss) cross-browser CSS. I love CSS' new layout features, namely Flexboxes and Grids that let me get rid of frameworks like Twitter's Bootsrap. Though I know how to use it of course, if your project depends on it. Am using SASS/SCSS.


Using OOP patterns. Love to code with pure JS and avoid using jQuery or similar libraries, though am familiar with them. Since 2018 I use webpack and React on a daily basis.


These help me to make advanced websites and participate in a large-scale projects.

React PHP SQL in it's various environments mongoDB MODX. My default CMS Wordpress. Unavoidable :) Joomla! For those who prefer


It's a plan for 2019. They will move to upper categories one by one.

Angular JS Vue JS Node JS Python


See what are some of the tools I use to accomplish a task. Click (or tap) an empty area or an apps to read a short description:


My current full-time engagement is to be over. Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss any kind of cooperation.